Light Painting


What is Light Painting?

Light Painting is a unique & highly complex method of photographing a 3D object​.

In Light Painting, the photos are actually shot in the dark and then each lighted section of the subject is a seperate photograph. Each image captured are then masterfully combined in photoshop for a finished image. Some Light Painted photos can have over 100 layers in it to make one final image.

Virtually anything that has three dimensions can be painted with light.  Automobiles (classic, current, exotic) Motorcycles, Musical Instruments, Tools, Tractors, Trucks, and other large machinery, Architecture, Commercial products and Memorabilia.

The initial commissioning begins at $800.  This fee covers the time it takes to plan, photograph (2-4 hours) and assemble the images (2-4 hours) into a beautiful work of art.  This fee does not include any printing.  

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